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Handshake Virtual Career Fair Office Hours

Join our final virtual fair office hours to ask questions about how to host a virtual career fair in Handshake and learn virtual fair strategies from your peers. 


Thursday, Oct 29 - 11am PT/2pm ET

The Community College Talent Pipeline: A Conversation with Leaders in Workforce Development - October 2020

Data Talks: Community College Career Readiness & Employment Trends in the COVID Era - October 2020

The Community College Talent Pipeline: A Conversation with Union Pacific & Northern Essex - October 2020

Handshake Product Roadmap Webinar - October 2020

Trust, Safety, and Employer Outreach - September 2020

Student Virtual Fair Training Webinar - September 2020

Saved Reports Updates and Training - September 2020

Embedding Jobs on Departmental Websites with James Madison University - August 2020

Virtual Fair Training for Employers - August 2020

Back-to-School Virtual Engagement - August 2020

Fireside Chat with Angel Pérez, CEO of NACAC - August 2020

Virtual Fair Launch Webinar - August 2020

Virtual Fair Training for Employers - July 2020

Starting Anti-Racist Work: A Fireside Chat for Career Educators - July 2020

Student Activation Best Practices with Handshake Marketing - July 2020

Handshake Virtual Career Fair Demo - June 2020

Find, Recruit, Train, and Leverage Student Ambassadors in a Virtual Space - Access Summer Series 2020

Using Handshake to Manage a High Impact Educational Practice - Access Summer Series 2020

Start. Stop. Continue. Leveraging Technology During COVID-19 - Access Summer Series 2020

Conversations on Outreach for Graduating Seniors - Access Summer Series 2020

Leveraging the Power of Labels:Best Practices with UVA - Access Summer Series 2020

Handshake Product Roadmap - May 2020

Student Activation Best Practices - May 2020

The Next Generation Virtual Fair - May 2020

The State of Early Talent Recruiting: How Employers, Students & Higher Ed are Responding to COVID-19

Remote Engagement Best Practices with Southern New Hampshire University - April 2020

Digital and Remote Engagement Office Hours - March 2020

Video Conferencing Basics - March 2020

First Destination Survey (FDS) Updates - April 2020

Handshake Product Roadmap Webinar - February 2020

Employer Trust Score & Flagging—Product Workshop

Advanced Analytics—Creating, Storing, and Distributing Insights to Drive Success with UVA

Handshake First Destination Survey—Training & Best Practices

How to Research, Cultivate, and Track Employer Relationships with a Purpose with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Best Practices: Experiential Learning with Villanova

HelloFresh to Career: Inspired Email Marketing with University at Buffalo

Handshake Reviews and Peer to Peer Advising with University of Miami

Student Ambassador Best Practices with University of San Diego

Best Practices: Managing Employer Approvals with University of South Florida

Peer Impact on Profile Completion with Florida Atlantic University

Distributed Campuses Webinars: Training - August 2019

User and School Settings: Training - August 2019

First Destination Survey Best Practices with Wesleyan University

Student Employment on Campus with Kent State University

Transitioning Students to Alumni Training: April 2019

Reporting End-of-Year and End-of-Semester Training: May 2019

Labels, Importer, and Data Training - August 2019

Kiosks Product Workshop - September 2019

Experiences Product Workshop: Updates & Training - April 2019

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Community College Fireside Chat: Enrollment & Workforce Development in the COVID Era

Join us to discuss how community colleges can remain a strong workforce pipeline even amid challenges with enrollment and virtual recruiting


Tuesday, Nov 10 - 11am PT/2pm ET

Reporting Updates & Best Practices

With time-saving updates like saved reports launched and transformative updates like scheduled reports on the horizon, we want to bring our partners together to talk about how Handshake can make your end-of-year reporting a breeze.


Wednesday, Nov 18 - 10am PT/1pm ET