Get to Know Handshake 

You've probably heard all the amazing things Handshake can do for your University. From 2-3x the number of high quality opportunities to 3-4x more students logging in to your system - Handshake has the power to transform how your career center works. Don't take our word for it though, our University partners are eager to share how Handshake has empowered their offices. 


Streamline Administrative Workflows 

Gonzaga University

Click here to learn how the transition to Handshake has saved the Gonzaga team time with simple and powerful administrative tools. 

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Handshake and the Liberal Arts

Wellesley College

Click here to learn how Handshake played a crticial role in the reinvention of the Wellesley career education center. By switching to Handshake, student satisfaction went from 12% to 96%. 

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Handshake at Scale

Arizona State University

Click here to learn how Handshake allows Arizona State University uses Handshake to support a student population of 103,530. 

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The Student and Employer Experience

University of Georgia

Click here to learn why the University of Georgia says Handshake is the absolute best platform for the student and employer experience. 

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Bringing a campus together on Handshake

Michigan State University

Click here to learn how Michigan State brought 16 offices together on Handshake to provide a world-class experience to their 53,000 students. 

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The Future of Career Services Technology 

UC Berkeley

Click here to learn why Tom Devlin, Executive Director at the UC Berkeley carere center, says Handshake is the "platform of the future" 

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