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Handshake University

At Handshake we know that training is the key to your success. We have engaging and interactive system training designed for all users and learning types.

Handshake Implementation Webinars 

Live/recorded training sessions will be offered throughout the summer. These training sessions cover topics particularly relevant for schools implementing Handshake.

Upcoming Live Webinars 

Live training sessions are offered each month. These training sessions cover different information on the topic in each session and leave plenty of time for specific questions.

Recently Recorded Webinars 

View recorded sessions from recent webinars - for additional past session recordings check out our Help Center. 

Handshake Implementation Kickoff

AT THE START OF YOUR IMPLEMENTATION - Sign-up for this webinar offered weekly to start your Handshake Implementation 

Handshake Employer Launch

AFTER COMPLETING STEPS IN WEEKS 1-4 IN THE IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE Sign-up for this webinar offered weekly to ensure you are ready for your Handshake Employer Launch

Handshake Student Launch

AFTER COMPLETING STEPS IN WEEKS 4-7 IN THE IMPLEMENTATION GUIDESign-up for this webinar offered weekly to ensure you are ready for your Handshake Student Launch


Mondays from 12pm - 1pm (PT)

Wednesdays from 12pm - 1pm (PT)

Tuesdays from 12pm - 1pm (PT)

Mondays from 10am - 11am (PT)

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Advanced Analytics - Creating, Storing and Distributing Insights to Drive Success with UVA


Student Ambassador Best Practices with University of San Diego


2019 Labels, Importer, & Data: Training

2019 Distributed Campus Webinars: Training

2019 User and School Settings: Training


2019 Experiences: Updates & Training


2019 EOY/Semester Reporting: Training

2019 Students to Alumni: Training

2019 Employer/Job Approvals: Updates & Training


Student Employment on Campus with Kent State University


HelloFresh to Career: Inspired Email Marketing with University at Buffalo


2019 Kiosks: Training

Handshake Reviews and Peer to Peer Advising with University of Miami


Peer Impact on Profile Completion with Florida Atlantic University

Best Practices: Managing Employer Approvals with University of South Florida

How to Research, Cultivate, and Track Employer Relationships with a Purpose with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


First Destination Survey Best Practices with Wesleyan University

Experiences Best Practices with Villanova


Appointments Training


Employer Trust Score & Flagging - Product Workshop


Handshake Product Roadmap Webinar


Handshake First Destination Survey - Training & Best Practices

Check back soon for more webinars